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As promised, I will now start to serialize my recent short story and today we will begin with the prologue, just to give you a feel of what's to come.

Snatchers - Prologue

Sitting there on the end of his bed in the grubby little upstairs bedroom, he smiled to himself.

On the floor in front of him was a small duffle bag, the one he bought discreetly and would provide no trace back to him. The one that held his raincoat, his glasses case, and his sandwiches. It looked similar to the duffle bag he took to work every day, but this bag was special, it contained his ‘tools’.

Carefully took the zip-locked plastic bag from the wooden box under the bed and placed it in a metal biscuit tin and pushed that to the bottom of his bag. Inside the zip lock bag was a large wad of cotton wool and cloth all ready for the events that would unfold later that day.

For many months now he had been dreaming excitedly about this day for so long, he had planned it all and now he was finally ready to carry it out.

She had been selected, and he had spent months getting as much information as he could, the routes home, the calling places, the safe spots, the dangerous spots, and now he felt in total control. He knew what to do and when to do it.

Getting dressed in his work clothes, he opened the curtains to a dark and cold morning in the bleak hills that surrounded his house. Nothing new here as far as the weather was concerned.

Closing the door behind him he began to walk down the small hill, memorising the plan in his head, over and over and over. His features changed, from one of concentration to a grin, not a broad happy grin, but a sinister dangerous one.

Once he reached the station at the end of his street he boarded his train and sat back on the rigid seat and went over it all in his head. Once again the excitement grew and his heart started to beat faster. The animal inside was on the verge of escaping when the train pulled into its destination.

The train hit the buffers gently and he was shaken back to reality as the train stopped and he bottled up all those intense feelings ready for later when he would unleash them in full.

Calmly he stepped off the train and with the hundreds of other commuters he strolled off into the city just like everyone else, blending in and appearing to all and sundry like a normal city worker.

By the end of the day, all that would change …


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